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623 // November 30, 2009 At the top of the trailhead of Mayflower Gulch, my two boys are dwarfed by the mountains behind them.

Leafy Evolution


574 // September 27, 2009 I went to leave the house today through the side door, when I looked at the screen and thought, “how strange, a leaf stuck to the screen – and it’s not moving even when I swing the door open” – until I looked closer. What a strange creature. I read […]

Huron Peak I


562 // July 12, 2009 To continue on the story of our hike, we started our Friday night camping out near the trailhead of Huron Peak. Dave found a camping spot by the Banker Mine (near 10,500ft). Early that next morning, we packed up and headed up. View of Huron Peak from below the summit. […]

402 // December 27, 2008 In an effort to tire out the puppies so they’ll sleep while we can relax in the mountains, we brought them to some deep snow to run amok. I’m talking knee length! Aside from snow and ice in the paws and on the beards, we got some very tired puppies. […]

Nose and Hair


392 // December 15, 2008 Some more test shots, this time with a Sigma Aspherical Macro lens. This macro isn’t even at 100%, but I thought it was the closest I wanted to get without losing some interesting features. Cubbie’s incredibly interesting nose, right? Inspecting Cubbie for any split ends 🙂



329 // September 25, 2008 I took these shots of Cubbie while attempting to teach him how to catch a Frisbee in his mouth. He’s getting the hang of it — but it keeps bonking him in the nose or going over his body. He makes the effort of jumping, but hasn’t mouthed it quite […]

326 // September 22, 2008 The family dog, Yogi. A teacup Yorkie Terrier with a tongue that is too long for it’s mouth — what I love about this picture is the vast hardwood floors in the background of a tiny dog. By the way… anyone ever heard of a Dorkie? No, I’m not talking […]

Cub on Film


320 // September 16, 2008 Took shots of Mr. Cub with the 35mm — they came out excellent. The lighting, color and focus were pretty spot on for most the roll. Seems like a natural in front of the camera, don’t you think? 🙂

249 // July 2, 2008 Cubbie, our now-almost-four-month-old-puppy, finished Puppy Kindergarten tonight. I’ll tell ya, it wasn’t an easy ride; there were times that he just would have nothing to do with treats or commands, but just wanted to play with the other dogs. Oh, and there was that other time where he pooped in […]

Meet Cubbie


193 // May 04, 2008 My husband and I have been waiting to get this special little guy for about 9 months and today finally arrived. He is a Portuguese Waterdog and right now about 8 weeks old, 7 pounds — named after our beloved Chicago Cubs. Just wanted to share the newest addition to […]



149 // March 16, 2008 Couldn’t resist. With our puppy a week old (but have yet to see him/her) Dave and I found ourselves wandering the aisle of the pet store in anticipation of May to come sooner than later. Picked up “Sonic” the hedgehog — when you squeeze him, he makes a pig sound. […]

Yogi in Motion


134 // March 01, 2008 First day of March and the weather wasn’t too shabby in Chicago. However, didn’t really leave the house except to let the family “Teacup” Yorkie Terrier out to do his stuff 🙂 Here is the ever-playful Yogi in the living room, in-motion. Can’t wait until Dave and I bring home […]