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630 // December 08, 2009 A continuation of yesterday’s post on my adoration for the American Western Art section at the Denver Art Museum. The pieces above are a series done by Tony Foster, watercolors that he painted while rafting down the Colorado river. What I really loved about these are not only the paintings […]

364 // November 07, 2008 I’ve left this Polaroid at my parent’s house for a few months, retrieved it and am finally posting it. One of my more favorite Polaroids I’ve taken.

319 // September 15, 2008 Yesterday I shared two Polaroids from the trip out to Chicago; these are from the way back. I have always loved the Colorado Welcome sign — so vintage, so welcoming, so unique. Don’t you think? Statue  at the Colorado Visitor’s Center. So far I’ve been to the Julesburg and the […]

318 // September 14, 2008 If you didn’t guess or I didn’t mention, I’ve been in Chicago for the past week visiting my new niece, seeing lots of old friends, hanging out on a boat, went to a wedding at a beautiful villa and spent every other moment with our families. It’s a bit exhausting, […]

Pinball Madness


289 // August 13, 2008 I found out that pinball machines are kind of awkward to take an artistic photograph of with a Polaroid camera. I think it’s the square lens and inability to get really close, but how else was I supposed to portray the vintage-ness of this subject? I don’t really care, because […]

281 // August 05, 2008 Seen through a Polaroid lens at my parent’s house back in Chicago.

280 // August 04, 2008 Coca-Cola has made cans in the language of represented countries because of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Are you excited? Impartial? If you watch any events, which summer ones do you like? I know some of my readers here will laugh if I say Shot Put is my favorite event to […]

253 // July 06, 2008 I made a mistake yesterday (and have since corrected it). Without looking at the large version of this photo, I quickly wrote it was Breckenridge. While you can see Breck from the top of Keystone, this is a view of where you can find all blue and black ski runs […]

252 // July 05, 2008 I love hanging out in the mountains in the summertime. This weekend we are spending time with some family up here, and because it was a georgous afternoon, we decided to pack a picnic lunch, ride the chairlift to the top and hang out. Of course, we brought the essentials. […]



243 // June 27, 2008 I can’t believe it. We have friends that are visiting from out of town, and we can’t see them. It all started off with my right eye being a little red…then my left eye became a little red… then I could barely open my eyes because of the burning and […]

239 // June 23, 2008 Also taken in Denver’s Art District from Saturday. Does this building look familiar? It should — I posted it back in January, but with my digital camera. (I also took a couple pictures with my Alpa Reflex, but haven’t finished the roll yet… excited to see the results sometime this […]

238 // June 22, 2008 I was really excited to take The Puppy and a couple cameras downtown on Saturday — specifically one of my Polaroid cameras. We went to The Mac Outlet on Broadway (long story) and then downtown Denver to walk around the Art District and visit the Pride Festival that was happening. […]

219 // June 01, 2008 Alright. By show of hands, how many of you knew that Polaroid is slowly phasing out production of instant film products by February of 2009? When I heard the news, I thought , “Oh, crap! I gotta get my hands on one pronto!” and thus received one from The Parents […]