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480 // April 06, 2009 Gaper Day / Thrift Store Ski Party at A-Basin 2009. Don’t know what “Gaper Day” is? See 2008’s “Gaper Day Part I” (most popular post on Cocktail Hour) and “Gaper Day Part II” (third most popular post) for some answers! Advertisements



220 // June 02, 2008 So this was the second vintage camera I ever acquired — a No. 2-A Autographic Folding Brownie — about a year ago. It was introduced in 1915, and there is some wear on the bellows, but nonetheless I love having it around. You don’t have to know anything about cameras […]

219 // June 01, 2008 Alright. By show of hands, how many of you knew that Polaroid is slowly phasing out production of instant film products by February of 2009? When I heard the news, I thought , “Oh, crap! I gotta get my hands on one pronto!” and thus received one from The Parents […]