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581 // October 05, 2009 Again from Boulder, Colorado. Advertisements

573 // September 25, 2009 Passing by, this photo was taken from the car. At first I thought, “shoot, I have a bunch of bikes and power lines in the photo, instead of getting a beautiful shot of the flatirons and grass”. However, I think this photograph came our like a great little accident. In […]

563 // September 09, 2009 On a hike up near Red Rocks in Morrison.

Free CDs


547 // June 23, 2009 Street artist collateral.

530 // June 2, 2009 Not sure where this parachuter or the others came from, but can only suspect they have been in the air for a while. Boulder foothills in the distance, just around dusk.

513 // May 11, 2009 Union Station tracks.

400 // December 25, 2008 Walking around Keystone on Christmas day. Fifty degrees in Denver, but around 20ish in the mountains, a perfect setting in my opinion.

Oneida Park


397 // December 21, 2008 Down the street. Cropped and post-processed with a deep sepia tone and vignette.



270 // July 24, 2008 Trailer hitch off of I-70. Post-production work on the color. Untitled meerly because I couldn’t come up with anything I liked. Any ideas?

Lazy Day


178 // April 15, 2008 What a beautiful day it was in Denver today! I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, have all the windows open in the house sans any distractions. Being zoned out in work (as usual), I finally glanced up to look out of the window about mid-afternoon. […]



152 // March 20, 2008 Late afternoon in the backyard.



110 // February 06, 2008 Stuffed bear in Morrison, Colorado.

Old Man


108 // February 04, 2008 Post-production work on a photograph taken by Lake Dillon in Colorado.

078 // January 05, 2008 Had lunch at the Alpenglow Stube on the top of Keystone after skiing a few runs. Being greeted at the door by a very sweet lady who handed slippers to me to wear is something I could get used to… 😀 In any case, the antler lighting was a great […]