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580 // August 21, 2009 Brand new cactus I have sitting in my office window, which faces west. The late afternoon sun comes in starting around 3ish – and today I looked up close to actually see the shadows of the window screen on the plant. I thought the lines and patterns were lovely. Advertisements



481 // April 06, 2009 Tonight I went on another Denver photo walk with some new friends, this time around the Millennium Bridge and Coors field area. I have so many photos that I really love to share with you, so I thought I’d get started with these. I arrived at the meeting spot a […]

City Park Path


450 // February 24, 2009 Can’t decide between color or black and white – I think each printed very large and framed appropriately would look exceptional. Your opinion? Taken in City Park, Denver.

438 // February 10, 2009 Child’s swing in front of a neighborhood house.

Nose and Hair


392 // December 15, 2008 Some more test shots, this time with a Sigma Aspherical Macro lens. This macro isn’t even at 100%, but I thought it was the closest I wanted to get without losing some interesting features. Cubbie’s incredibly interesting nose, right? Inspecting Cubbie for any split ends 🙂

Morning Winter


383 // December 05, 2008 Driving to work in the morning. Best time for the light and shadows to be just right..

376 // November 25, 2008 Dramatic lighting on some memorabilia that I keep in a corner of my home office. One item is older than me, another is almost as old, the other is fairly new. Can you guess which is which?

356 // October 30, 2008 Pumpkins in Boulder on film.

355 // October 29, 2008 Objects picked up by my sister – corn… ….and corn husk.

Beautiful Baby


314 // September 10, 2008 Drove 1,000 miles to surprise my sister and meet my new niece, Riley Aspen, this week. Really, there are no other words to describe her except so precious and a beautiful gift of life. Happened to bring back three cameras aside from my digital; I took three rolls of film […]

311 // September 06, 2008 16th Street Mall in front of a historic building built in 1906.

310 // September 05, 2008 Alongside yesterday’s “A Pug and a Puppy” post, one of them left behind this toy in my office.

Finished Canvas


296 // August 21, 2008 All finished and very pleased with how it came out. It was my intention to make it less dimensional (a little flatter) because hey, this board will get abused by the bags anyway, right? 🙂 Original sketch. View the entire series here.



243 // June 27, 2008 I can’t believe it. We have friends that are visiting from out of town, and we can’t see them. It all started off with my right eye being a little red…then my left eye became a little red… then I could barely open my eyes because of the burning and […]