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607 // November 07, 2009 Cabana and chair in Clearwater, FL.

Beautiful Web


577 // August 18, 2009 Maybe you do or don’t know – I hate spiders and flying thingies in unnatural places (house, office, car…). However, being quite the outdoor-sy girl, I can say that holding my own in Mother Nature is different. I can handle it because I’m prepared and that is where these creatures […]

Tiny White


563 // July 24, 2009 Tiny, white flowers on a rock. Taken near Mt. Huron.

539 // June 14, 2009 Went walking with my sisters tonight down Pier 60 down at Clearwater Beach – a known hotspot for vendors and entertainment that thrive off of tourists. Some shots of jewelry that we came across.

Green Door


536 // June 10, 2009 Hidden along a street in The Highlands neighborhood in Denver.

USA Made


510 // May 06, 2009 Another lock from the Denver Photo Shoot. My last photo with one – so interesting when you look at the finer details of your surroundings how many commonplace items are found all around. Maybe that’s an oxymoron, but how much do you really look for padlocks in your environment?

505 // April 30, 2009 Denver – wish I remembered which building this was. It’s right by Coors Field…

Union Bench


502 // April 27, 2009 Another shot from the Denver photo shoot inside Union Station. There are a few elements that intrigue me about this shot, I’m curious to learn what your thoughts are.

Under the Light


434 // February 04, 2009 Light post – thought I could get my reflection, but loved how this came our even more.



155 // March 23, 2008 Crane in early evening in downtown Denver.