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Shipping Door


581 // August 22, 2009 Shipping door sign in downtown Denver. (I uploaded this yesterday to post, but I think WordPress was down?!) Advertisements



570 // August 05, 2009 Caught this passing by in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

566 // July 30, 2009 Colorado’s Keystone Resort as seen through a Holga lens up top Dercum Mountain.

565 // July 27, 2009 A Denver photowalk event along Colfax avenue – these flowers are part of Chuck’s Wagon Diner A different shot of digital versus old school.

557 // July 16, 2009 Long sign, when first entering the town of Leadville, CO. I love the uniqueness of the handpainted sign – original and and sets the tone of what sort of town this city is.

561 // July 11, 2009 We hiked up and summited Huron Peak this morning. It was the best view I have ever seen in my life. More on our trip tomorrow – we’ve been dozing in and out of sleep since coming home… We both wanted to send out a congratulations to newlyweds Steve and […]

548 // June 24, 2009 …or even better, to the lake in the mountains.

Free CDs


547 // June 23, 2009 Street artist collateral.



521 // May 21, 2009 Motel sign off of Colfax Avenue.

Chicago Mikes


518 // May 18. 2009 Chicago Mike’s – supposedly THE one and only place to get a real Chicago hot dog in the Denver area. We still have yet to have a taste-test, but I came by it on the recent photo shoot down Colfax.



516 // May 14, 2009 Harley-Davidson off of Colfax Avenue.

515 // May 13, 2009 A “landmark of the Colfax strip”, here lies the Big Bunny Motel sign. Read the full story behind the Bugs-Bunny-Motel-turned-Bigs-Bunny here – it’s worth it 🙂

West Colfax


514 // May 12, 2009 Went on another photo shoot with some photographers tonight – we headed out to West Colfax and were able to take some great, vintage shots. I brought a Holga along – so when I get those pictures developed, I’ll share, but in the meantime look forward to some great signage […]

513 // May 11, 2009 Union Station tracks.