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Advanced Skiers


464 // March 14, 2009 Dave and I went skiing today – and he started me off on a double-black diamond. It would have been ok, but little did we know that ice balls ruled that run. So much for the wettest month of the year getting any snow… He made it up to me […]

414 // January 08, 2008 Some more ambitious skiers off of Loveland Pass. These guys have to hike up an incline with all their gear – but guaranteed the ride down is worth it.

Night Lights II


403 // December 28, 2008 This is one of my more favorite shots from the other night – the long exposure allowed the lights to sparkle and the blowing snow to soften.

Night Lights


401 // December 26, 2008 Playing with a tripod, zoom lens, timer and long exposures looking at Keystone’s night skiing lights (it was below zero out). Cropped to show some detail of ski tracks.



391 // December 14, 2008 We got a sizable amount of snow in the mountains yesterday, at least 4″-6″. Got up to ski for the first time this season on my new equipment (and bum ankle), so I didn’t last long. But man the new boots feel great and I’m so excited that my sister […]

Skiing Comfort


322 // September 18, 2008 Bought new skis and boots at the annual Sniagrab.held by Sports Authority. I’m super pumped because I’ve been on cheap-o beginner skis for about three years, with the exception of a snowboard stint last winter. I never knew ski boots could be this comfortable. That is all, see you on […]

Night Skiing


160 // March 28, 2008 Well, night skiing closed about an hour ago, but the lights are still on — and the view is still spectacular. I love being in the mountains.

Two by Two


040 // November 25, 2007 – “Two” Taken on November 21, 2007 at Keystone, Colorado.

038 // November 23, 2007 Looking up at Keystone Mountain, you can see the mountain’s snow blowers in full force.