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Pinball Anyone?


616 // November 19, 2009 Lyons, Colorado Advertisements

558 // July 18, 2009 If you have ever crossed the path of a bug and yours truly at the same time, you’d know that I hate ’em. I jump, scream – act like an unnecessary spaz. I can’t help it! The critters freak me out. Except when they are docile and not moving. This […]

501 // April 26, 2009 My camera “lens” – the teeny-tiny hole Today was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. What’s pinhole photography? Well, read more about it here and here to understand a little more. Negative pinhole photography print on paper I participated by attending a class presented by the non-profit Denver Darkroom downtown. We met […]

Pink Flyaway


279 // August 03, 2008 Catch it!



107 // February 03, 2008 A tiny shack is barely noticed against the grand sky and mountains it sits on near Mt. Sherman in Colorado.

Feeling Small


084 // January 11, 2008 This photograph was taken on a hike through Silverthorne’s wilderness back in July. As I walked by these trees, I stopped in my tracks because of the sheer height and beauty against the blue sky. Mother Nature can make you feel so small and insignificant sometimes.