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Faded II


636 // December 17, 2009 Part I



633 // December 13, 2009 Looking up at Keystone, warm and cozy from the condo today. We received quite a bit of snow…. more in one day than perhaps the whole month!



627 // December 03, 2009 Out and about, ready to drop down the mountain at any moment.

480 // April 06, 2009 Gaper Day / Thrift Store Ski Party at A-Basin 2009. Don’t know what “Gaper Day” is? See 2008’s “Gaper Day Part I” (most popular post on Cocktail Hour) and “Gaper Day Part II” (third most popular post) for some answers!



465 // March 15, 2009 Breckenridge as viewed from Arapahoe Basin’s Montezuma Bowl.

Advanced Skiers


464 // March 14, 2009 Dave and I went skiing today – and he started me off on a double-black diamond. It would have been ok, but little did we know that ice balls ruled that run. So much for the wettest month of the year getting any snow… He made it up to me […]

414 // January 08, 2008 Some more ambitious skiers off of Loveland Pass. These guys have to hike up an incline with all their gear – but guaranteed the ride down is worth it.

410 // January 04, 2008 Beautiful day and conditions for the daring – Loveland Pass is a popular place for skiers and boarders to ski down and hitch a ride back up to the top of the pass to do it all over again.

Night Lights II


403 // December 28, 2008 This is one of my more favorite shots from the other night – the long exposure allowed the lights to sparkle and the blowing snow to soften.

Night Lights


401 // December 26, 2008 Playing with a tripod, zoom lens, timer and long exposures looking at Keystone’s night skiing lights (it was below zero out). Cropped to show some detail of ski tracks.

176 // April 13, 2008 Continued from yesterday’s post — “Gaper Day (pt. 1)” Mullets in an empty hot tub. “Don’t Mess with Texas” and “Dick Cheney”… The end of Gaper Day — what a day. What a great day indeed.

175 // April 12, 2008 Gaper Day — aka “Thrift Store Ski Party” — was held at Arapahoe Basin today. Lots of beer, music and locals in florescent onesies with mullets. Gaper: A gaper is a skiier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. Usually distinguished by their bright colored clothes and a gaper gap, the […]

Night Skiing


160 // March 28, 2008 Well, night skiing closed about an hour ago, but the lights are still on — and the view is still spectacular. I love being in the mountains.

046 // December 01, 2007 Teams of people participating in 36 Hours of Keystone gather at the closing ceremony where prizes and goodies were being given away.