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637 // December 20, 2009 The weather has been unseasonably warm down here in Denver. Which, I don’t mind at all. Keep all the snow in the mountains… (well, unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening, either). I took Mr. Cub on a walk today around the neighborhood, this squirrel followed us for about a solid two […]

Lazy Day


178 // April 15, 2008 What a beautiful day it was in Denver today! I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, have all the windows open in the house sans any distractions. Being zoned out in work (as usual), I finally glanced up to look out of the window about mid-afternoon. […]

167 // April 05, 2008 Ahhh… Spring is here, the weather is warm and it is certainly noticeable. If you didn’t notice my absent post yesterday, then this is my confession — and I’m double-posting today to make up for it. Budding tree on the Johnson & Wales University campus down the street from the […]

081 // January 08, 2008 More still life around the house — this particular cactus plant has survived about two summers, thus being one of the only plant species I can keep alive with my “black thumb”! The curvature it has taken is peculiar turn (haha), and makes for interesting viewing in the kitchen. Incidentally […]