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139 // March 06, 2008 I’m pulling this out from my Hawaii collection just to spite Old Man Winter. Ahhh… put me on the beach with a drink and a nice ocean sunset… Advertisements

California Moon


136 // March 03,2008 Another picture gem from San Diego — moonrise above the silhouetted palm trees.

5 O’Clock


123 // February 19, 2008 I’m really thankful that the days are finally getting longer — I had an opportunity to step out of my car and capture this sunset on my way home from work.



093 // January 20, 2008 Hawaiian sunset; so beautiful I don’t even know what to call this.

Downtown Sunset


089 // January 16, 2008 Denver’s buildings tower over me at sunset…

Hawaiian Sunset


034 // November 19, 2007 – Travel This week’s theme is “Travel”, so I picked something out of my archive. This was taken on the Big Island from September 2006, Kona Village’s tiki huts and palm trees are silhouetted from the pacific sunset.

030 // November 15, 2007 Hovering over Denver, clouds absorb the brilliant sunset colors. No filters or “Photoshop” effects were used to enhance these photos–the sky was that beautiful.

028 // November 13, 2007 View uncropped photo

023 // November 8, 2007 7-Eleven lit up.

Bad Moon Rising


009 // October 25, 2007 The moon was rising behind this house, and the trees framed both perfectly. I altered the picture colors in Photoshop, but you can see the original here.