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629 // December 07, 2009 I mentioned yesterday that I was able to visit the Denver Art Museum. I didn’t tell you that the Western Art section was my absolute favorite. Now, there are two sections: Western American Art and Historic Western American Art. Right now I will focus on telling you of the first […]

145 // March 12, 2008 There are two ad campaigns on TV that make me laugh out loud (LOL, folks) every single time. Pretty rare nowadays… One is the Orbit Gum commercial and the other is Cingular’s two commercials with either the young daughter or the grandma. In a quick instant, I concluded that this […]

1956 Astronomy


137 // March 04, 2008 Came across this in my parent’s basement when I was in Chicago, found it both amusing and very interesting. The illustrations inside are very basic line drawings and I haven’t fully read (or at least skimmed) through the text. Lots of character and I didn’t want it to end up […]