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Huron Peak II


563 // July 13, 2009 The final part of the hike leaves me to share a couple more photos, this time from the summit. (This is Dave signing the register at the top of the mountain) Our drinks of choice – guess who drank what 😉 Looking out onto the horizon. Just a pure sea […]

252 // July 05, 2008 I love hanging out in the mountains in the summertime. This weekend we are spending time with some family up here, and because it was a georgous afternoon, we decided to pack a picnic lunch, ride the chairlift to the top and hang out. Of course, we brought the essentials. […]

Blue and Yellow


237 // Jun 21, 2008 More pictures from the walk yesterday. A typical rush-hour helicopter monitoring the traffic around Denver flies overhead. I wondered what determines the color of fire hydrants? Back in Chicago (suburbs), they are red. Denver they are yellow, and I swear I’ve seen blue ones around somewhere too. Guess the reds […]