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621 // November 27, 2009 Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a very relaxing and yet eventful past few days. Hubbie and I have escaped the city as of earlier this week, and have enjoyed some fresh mountain air. Along with a couple of personal friends who joined us, we had a huge turkey feast on […]

Doodle Swap #3


561 // September 07, 2009 Personal theme was “I love Colorado”… My final submissions for the Doodle Swap Project were created using colored pencil on recycled brown paper bags cut up into the small pieces. Doodle Swap on Flickr “Hike – Vertical” “Hike – Horizontal” “Mountain Canoe” “Mountain Lake” “Woods” “Sunset” “Moon” “Campfire”

Huron Peak I


562 // July 12, 2009 To continue on the story of our hike, we started our Friday night camping out near the trailhead of Huron Peak. Dave found a camping spot by the Banker Mine (near 10,500ft). Early that next morning, we packed up and headed up. View of Huron Peak from below the summit. […]

552 // July 1, 2009 Apologies for the absence yesterday – we had a power outage at the house, which didn’t come back on until 3am. This was taken looking East on a bike route in Keystone, Colorado. route in Keystone, Colorado.

459 // March 09, 2009 I can’t believe how much our puppy has grown. Yes, for those that don’t already know, Cubbie (our Portuguese Water Dog) has turned one years old today. It’s funny to look back and think about all the planning we did in order to prepare for a dog. Watching him grow […]

547 // March 7, 2009 The annual snowshoe fundraiser event – Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer – took place in Frisco, Colorado this morning. Our “Team Lima Bean” set out early in search of the pancakes that were offered to all participants. The bus took us from Summit High School right by Breckenridge […]

Small Cornice


454 // March 03, 2009 Snowshoeing near Breckenridge, Colorado – small cornice along the trail.

City Park Path


450 // February 24, 2009 Can’t decide between color or black and white – I think each printed very large and framed appropriately would look exceptional. Your opinion? Taken in City Park, Denver.

338 // October 06, 2008 The last part of my fall series from Kenosha Pass. Hope you caught one and two, I can’t decide which day is my favorite yet between all three. Perhaps this whole series is my favorite on Cocktail Hour. After yesterday‘s post about film coming out so much better than anything […]

337 // October 05, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. I’m posting four today instead of my max of three, hope you enjoy. Walking around… sometimes the marks on trees reminds me of looking at the clouds that form shapes and pictures. This one reminds me of a dog’s head, can’t decipher the rest. What […]

336 // October 04, 2008 I have the best husband in the world. Think of him as the backbone of Cocktail Hour. If he wasn’t the driver, if he didn’t ever plan any day trips, if he didn’t ever drive us a little out of the way just because he thinks that I could get […]

276 // July 30, 2008 Mountains and pine trees seen on the hiking trail. See more “upside down worlds” …in Florida …couple in the neighborhood …and one other in the neighborhood

274 // July 28, 2008 Tiny butterflies on the trail in Colorado. Close-up of the tiny ones.

Straight Up


158 // March 26, 2008 The airplanes that seem to fly straight up into the air (you know, like rockets) get me thinking about how vast the planet we are on is. The plane is going straight up, but you know it is just heading across the country — the roundness of the earth, physics, […]