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460 // March // 10, 2009 Lettering in front of Adagio Bakery in Park Hill. Advertisements



394 // December 17, 2008 It was way too cold to be drinking club soda on a day like today – I feel as though it’s one of those exclusive summer drinks. However, I had some in the fridge so I cracked a bottle sometime in the afternoon after a hot cocoa. Almost immediately the […]

Nose and Hair


392 // December 15, 2008 Some more test shots, this time with a Sigma Aspherical Macro lens. This macro isn’t even at 100%, but I thought it was the closest I wanted to get without losing some interesting features. Cubbie’s incredibly interesting nose, right? Inspecting Cubbie for any split ends 🙂



391 // December 14, 2008 We got a sizable amount of snow in the mountains yesterday, at least 4″-6″. Got up to ski for the first time this season on my new equipment (and bum ankle), so I didn’t last long. But man the new boots feel great and I’m so excited that my sister […]

334 // October 01, 2008 This was a very cute scene while at a stoplight on 17th and Colorado Blvd. I really love the photo’s intention, but after uploading it to the computer I feel as thought there are too many textures and fine details to bring out the birdies. If you’re a photographer (amateur […]

268 // July 22, 2008 A patch of yellow flowers hanging out in the middle of the woods. Close up capture of an insignificant pinecone.



267 // July 21, 2008 Colorado’s state flower, the Columbine. Don’t you think they are one of the most beautiful state flowers there are? Pink & Yellow.

264 // July 19, 2008 In our digital age with fancy digital cameras, it’s easy to forget about film. I brought one of my 35mm cameras with a ton of lenses up to the mountains this past weekend. I took three years of photography in High School and a studio class in college, but getting […]

251 // July 04, 2008 Exploring off of Loveland Pass today on the Continental Divide. There were a lot of people taking the alternate route off I-70 to head up to the mountains, but instead of going up the trail with the crowds, we went down. It was lovely.



235 // June 19, 2008 This flowering vine bloomed last week and has now taken up a good portion of the front porch fence.

200 // May 11, 2008 Mothers are beautiful and they are the thriving force behind all of us. I’m so lucky to have the best mom in the world and the greatest mother-in-law a gal could ask for. Today I connected via webcam to my mom and the rest of my family back home to […]

One Last…


173 // April 10, 2008 One last snow. Each year since I’ve lived in Denver, the city has always had “one last hurrah” of snowfall in the spring — when it’s least expected — before it’s finally gone for good and the sun is here to stay. Fingers crossed that today was that day.

135 // March 02, 2008 Rain drops on the outdoor patio set.

Yogi in Motion


134 // March 01, 2008 First day of March and the weather wasn’t too shabby in Chicago. However, didn’t really leave the house except to let the family “Teacup” Yorkie Terrier out to do his stuff 🙂 Here is the ever-playful Yogi in the living room, in-motion. Can’t wait until Dave and I bring home […]