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637 // December 20, 2009 The weather has been unseasonably warm down here in Denver. Which, I don’t mind at all. Keep all the snow in the mountains… (well, unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening, either). I took Mr. Cub on a walk today around the neighborhood, this squirrel followed us for about a solid two […]

591 // October 15, 2009 Mountains of Colorado.

White Observer


558 // July 07, 2009 Mountain goat on Mt. Quandary. He tried to get kind of close to us on our descent down the mountain — we think it was because of the pups and unfortunately, some people do feed them. In either case, he quickly lost interest and we continued on our way.

Shooting in RAW


543 // June 18, 2009 Some people ask me how large I can print my photographs in, how many megapixels the camera is, how big of a file the JPG takes up when I shoot on my memory card. Photo geeks ask whether or not I shoot in RAW format. I do, and for every […]

530 // June 2, 2009 Not sure where this parachuter or the others came from, but can only suspect they have been in the air for a while. Boulder foothills in the distance, just around dusk.

The Dish


520 // May 20, 2009 Could it *be* any bigger? 🙂 Off Colfax Avenue.



512 // May 10, 2009 Looking up at a post of Millennium Bridge in Denver.

500 // April 25, 2009 Millennium Bridge in downtown Denver.

Moon Peeking


497 // April 22, 2009 Downtown Denver condos.

Coors Sparrow


485 // April 10, 2009 Red Breasted Sparrow by Coors Field in April. He kept flying around so it took a few tries to get him through the branches, but I think the patience was worth it.



484 // April 09, 2009 Downtown Denver.

Happy New Year


406 // December 31, 2008 Thank you so much for another wonderful year. I’ve had a great time sharing my photos with you and can’t wait to see what I can bring to you in the next year. Hope you find many positive things to reflect on in 2008… …and find lots of new ones […]