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581 // October 05, 2009 Again from Boulder, Colorado. Advertisements

Boulder Quotes


575 // September 27, 2009 I cannot remember 100% where this building is that houses a lot of these famous artist – music, painting, authors, etc – quotes, except that it was close to the Pearl Street Mall and I just had to take some photos of them.



455 // March 4, 2009 My brother- and sister-in-law took all of us to Mercury Cafe in Denver for dinner tonight. It’s a restaurant that strives to be as organic and as local (food) as they can. Mercury Cafe also boasts that they are powered by wind and sun – the atmosphere is 100% boho […]

Hot Smile


075 // January 02, 2007 Originally taken on 12/13/2007 in Keystone, Colorado A friend introduced me to the Faces in Places blog (view on Flicker), where people find objects that seem to have a face to ’em. Here is my first contribution to the group, what do you think?