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628 // December 06, 2009 Zhong Biao, Mirage, 2009, at the Denver Art Museum. (C) the artist. Saturday I went to the Denver Art Museum with my sister-in-law and her friend; we ended up spending five hours there! It is much, much larger than I thought it was and must go back sometime soon. This […]



248 // July 01, 2008 Happy July. Can you believe it? Oh, and is it still only Tuesday? (or Wednesday, depending on when you visit :D) A shortened week is something I am very much excited for. As much as I love (yes, love) being busy, I’m ready for a long weekend. Not only after […]

Gone Drinkin’


191 // May 2, 2008 Hubbie’s birthday festivities have been lit up this weekend already. Some friends from Chicago have flown in already and we took them to Red Rocks, gambling in Blackhawk/Central City, dinner at the Dam Brewery and now are now about to continue the boozing at the condo in the mountains. Took […]