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Ski Rental


641 // December 29, 2009 Supposed to be powder days from today until after the new year… hope you have your gear!

Faded II


636 // December 17, 2009 Part I



629 // December 07, 2009 I mentioned yesterday that I was able to visit the Denver Art Museum. I didn’t tell you that the Western Art section was my absolute favorite. Now, there are two sections: Western American Art and Historic Western American Art. Right now I will focus on telling you of the first […]

Purple Shoes


612 // November 15, 2009 Unlaced in Denver.



607 // November 07, 2009 Cabana and chair in Clearwater, FL.



604 // November 03, 2009 Reflected wicker chairs in a glass tabletop.  

Happy Halloween


602 // November 01, 2009 Hope everybody had a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

598 // October 26, 2009 Cute litltle pumpkin-wumpkins… …and some that are a little bit different. Anyone know how or why they might grow like this?

592 // October 18, 2009 We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park on Saturday night for a wedding we attended. Even given a 4th floor room (the floor with the most paranormal activity), we didn’t come across anything but had a great time not only at the event, but exploring the hotel’s beauty […]

591 // October 15, 2009 Mountains of Colorado.

584 // October 08, 2009 Against a building.



568 // September 19, 2009 My family and I had to say goodbye to a very good family friend this past week. I’ve been traveling and have had a lot of time to think and reflect from knowing this wonderful, great man. At this time, I would like to think of our lives as a […]

Beautiful Web


577 // August 18, 2009 Maybe you do or don’t know – I hate spiders and flying thingies in unnatural places (house, office, car…). However, being quite the outdoor-sy girl, I can say that holding my own in Mother Nature is different. I can handle it because I’m prepared and that is where these creatures […]