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564 // July 26, 2009 These images were taken with my Holga camera – the first roll I’ve ever done. Since receiving the two rolls of 120 film back, I’ve learned that I need to keep a distance of at least 5 feet from my subject for a clear picture. Can’t wait to show you […]

310 // September 05, 2008 Alongside yesterday’s “A Pug and a Puppy” post, one of them left behind this toy in my office.

309 // September 04, 2008 Over Labor Day weekend, we watched one of our friend’s dog, a cute little pug. We went camping, but other than that just hung around the house. It turned out to be a pretty low-key holiday, which was fine by us. The Pug and our Portuguese Water Dog, Cubbie, got […]



149 // March 16, 2008 Couldn’t resist. With our puppy a week old (but have yet to see him/her) Dave and I found ourselves wandering the aisle of the pet store in anticipation of May to come sooner than later. Picked up “Sonic” the hedgehog — when you squeeze him, he makes a pig sound. […]