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589 // September 2, 2009 It’s been one year since my niece has been born, and how time does fly. I still can’t believe it, but watching her grow has been truly amazing from seeing her smile at me for the first time and recently she took her first two (and then four today!)  steps […]

Her View


422 // January 19, 2009 Another portrait from yesterday. I had to share this one for a couple reasons. Babies see a lot – they are learning about the world around them, looking at colors and shapes. It was amazing to view this picture and see something more… …she sees me.

421 // January 18, 2008 Photographed my niece today in my backyard. It was sunny and in the 60s, a perfect setting in the late afternoon for a quick photo shoot… …Momma Mandy was there to help me make her smile… …and we let her have serious moments, too. Riley is becoming really comfortable in […]

348 // October 21, 2008 After waiting many months, my sister and niece have finally moved out to Denver from our hometown of Chicago this past weekend. I am so, so, so, so happy and excited… and I really just want to say, “Hi. Love you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow — because I […]

Beautiful Baby


314 // September 10, 2008 Drove 1,000 miles to surprise my sister and meet my new niece, Riley Aspen, this week. Really, there are no other words to describe her except so precious and a beautiful gift of life. Happened to bring back three cameras aside from my digital; I took three rolls of film […]

New Life


307 // September 02, 2008 Today I officially became an Auntie of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I’ve seen cousins and friends have babies, but never have I been this close in blood — and it is such an overwhelming, happy, heart-bursting feeling. Congratulations to my sweet sister Mandy and her loving Grant on Riley […]