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Happy Holidays


639 // December 27, 2009 Hello! Took an unexpected break from the blog, and I am here to welcome you back on this Monday morning. Hope you had a wonderful holiday break, as did I (didn’t go near a computer for almost five days!). Now, I’m ready to get back down to business as well […]

586 // October 10, 2009 Some photographs of the striking aspen trees on a walk today up in the mountains. Fall is pretty much over and I was glad to capture some of these gorgeous colors.



589 // September 2, 2009 It’s been one year since my niece has been born, and how time does fly. I still can’t believe it, but watching her grow has been truly amazing from seeing her smile at me for the first time and recently she took her first two (and then four today!)  steps […]

The Red Row


582 // August 24, 2009 Outside a restaurant in downtown Denver.

580 // August 21, 2009 Brand new cactus I have sitting in my office window, which faces west. The late afternoon sun comes in starting around 3ish – and today I looked up close to actually see the shadows of the window screen on the plant. I thought the lines and patterns were lovely.

559 // July 08, 2009 This was actually a mistake photo – I meant to capture the silhouette with him looking directly at me – but he turned his head at the last minute. I was disappointed and wrote off the photo as a “meh…”. However, I decided to re-evaluate and revisit — and what […]

552 // July 1, 2009 Apologies for the absence yesterday – we had a power outage at the house, which didn’t come back on until 3am. This was taken looking East on a bike route in Keystone, Colorado. route in Keystone, Colorado.



545 // June 21, 2009 Looking over Tampa Bay

539 // June 14, 2009 Went walking with my sisters tonight down Pier 60 down at Clearwater Beach – a known hotspot for vendors and entertainment that thrive off of tourists. Some shots of jewelry that we came across.

487 // April 12, 2009 I was looking through some old photos and came across this one – if I remember correctly, it was taken back in 2005 up in Estes Park. Has some beautiful color and shadows so I wanted to share this with you.



455 // March 4, 2009 My brother- and sister-in-law took all of us to Mercury Cafe in Denver for dinner tonight. It’s a restaurant that strives to be as organic and as local (food) as they can. Mercury Cafe also boasts that they are powered by wind and sun – the atmosphere is 100% boho […]



443 // February 15, 2009 Is it spring yet? It might not be snowing down here too much, but there isn’t any greenery around, either. All that’s left is some of the stronger plants that survived the couple frosts we had….

421 // January 18, 2008 Photographed my niece today in my backyard. It was sunny and in the 60s, a perfect setting in the late afternoon for a quick photo shoot… …Momma Mandy was there to help me make her smile… …and we let her have serious moments, too. Riley is becoming really comfortable in […]

412 // January 06, 2008 Another view of Lake Dillon – this time the two mountains shown are Mt. Guyot (13,370′) to the left, and Bald Mountain (13,684′) on the right.