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609 // November 10, 2009 St. Petersburg, Florida Advertisements

540 // June 15, 2009 Sunset over Clearwater Beach.

539 // June 14, 2009 Went walking with my sisters tonight down Pier 60 down at Clearwater Beach – a known hotspot for vendors and entertainment that thrive off of tourists. Some shots of jewelry that we came across.

Portie Party


528 // May 31, 2009 We met up with some other Portuguese Water Dog owners who are in the north Denver/Boulder area tonight. It was held at the Boulder Reservoir, organized by Cubbie’s sister’s mom. It was fun to see them romp around – here are a few pictures from the event. Cubbie and sister […]



430 // January 29, 2009 How much do you wish you were these guys right now? Sun, beach, warm and in Hawaii. I was randomly showing a friend today some pictures of my honeymoon back in 2006 and came across this picture. It’s an oldie, but goodie – and don’t think I’ve shown it on […]

225 // June 08, 2008 We took our new puppy to Chatfield Reservoir today to play in the water. He didn’t do too bad… was of course more interested in playing with his brothers and sisters than getting in the cold water (who’s to blame him!). His breeder was there along with the last litter […]

116 // February 12, 2008 Miniature corked bottles hold sand and shells — a wedding favor from California.

045 // November 30, 2007 Stack of the Corona variety at the liquor store, and all I can think about is the beach and limes.