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Flat Stanley


642 // December 30, 2009 How many of you have made or have had a Flat Stanley visit before? This is actually our second, and we always have fun taking them up and down and around the Denver and the Rocky Mountain area. Because of all the snow and weather this season, he is wearing […]

The Cold Stuff


611 // November 12, 2009 Ice cream and frozen custard stands in Florida. Post processing done in Photoshop.



609 // November 10, 2009 St. Petersburg, Florida

603 // November 02, 2009 Alright, enough pumpkin pictures already. This was taken mid-October driving down I-25 – this is a shot of Longs Peak with some road dirt. Love being the passenger all the time so I can get shots like this.

523 // May 26, 2009 Flying above the Fox River in Illinois.

459 // March 09, 2009 I can’t believe how much our puppy has grown. Yes, for those that don’t already know, Cubbie (our Portuguese Water Dog) has turned one years old today. It’s funny to look back and think about all the planning we did in order to prepare for a dog. Watching him grow […]

344 // October 15, 008 Was backing up all my recent photos on my external hard drive the other night and I found this picture. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to get to travel and do a lot of our “Colorado” adventures this summer… at least compared to what we’ve done in […]

319 // September 15, 2008 Yesterday I shared two Polaroids from the trip out to Chicago; these are from the way back. I have always loved the Colorado Welcome sign — so vintage, so welcoming, so unique. Don’t you think? Statue  at the Colorado Visitor’s Center. So far I’ve been to the Julesburg and the […]

318 // September 14, 2008 If you didn’t guess or I didn’t mention, I’ve been in Chicago for the past week visiting my new niece, seeing lots of old friends, hanging out on a boat, went to a wedding at a beautiful villa and spent every other moment with our families. It’s a bit exhausting, […]

Friday Camp


259 // July 12, 2008 Friday night the three of us decided to get out of the Denver heat and go camping in the mountains for some cool, fresh air. My personal Travel Agent drove us through Georgetown and up Guanella Pass to pick out a spot on the side of the road. None of […]

M-I-C, K-E…


146 // March 13, 2008 …Why? Or rather: how? Quite the coincidence I found and had to document it — but, how can you blame me for capturing a famous “Mouse” found in a rock formation 🙂



139 // March 06, 2008 I’m pulling this out from my Hawaii collection just to spite Old Man Winter. Ahhh… put me on the beach with a drink and a nice ocean sunset…

California Moon


136 // March 03,2008 Another picture gem from San Diego — moonrise above the silhouetted palm trees.

Not Quite Shade


114 // February 10, 2008 Two birds sit on a faded umbrella in late morning.