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621 // November 27, 2009 Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a very relaxing and yet eventful past few days. Hubbie and I have escaped the city as of earlier this week, and have enjoyed some fresh mountain air. Along with a couple of personal friends who joined us, we had a huge turkey feast on […]

567 // August 01, 2009 I’ve been sick the past couple days with a nasty cold, sorry for missing a post or two. I am fairly dosed up on DayQuil, cough drops and vitamin C – because there is no way I can miss one of our few big events this summer: Phish at Red […]



456 // March 06, 2009 For those who don’t know, my husband and I got married at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs back in 2006. My sister-in-law has a knack for finding really cool vintage items – she picked up this postcard of The Broadmoor for me. This is the best macro I could get […]



398 // December 23, 2008 Taking  a walk in the neighborhood. I know there aren’t trash cans on every corner, but I sincerely wish people were more considerate…

283 // August 07, 2008 In the aisle of one of my favorite stores, Michael’s. Too many colors, too little time… right? 🙂



271 // July 25, 2008 When’s the last time you smacked one around? Have a great weekend 🙂



228 // June 11, 2008 This was taken one day I was working over the weekend — it was beautiful outside so that’s where I brought my work 🙂 What I was trying to accomplish was a picture of the bug that had fallen on his back, can you see where he is in the […]

216 // May 29, 2008 I’m so excited. Really, really excited. So excited that I spent all night playing with them. I scored a bunch of vintage cameras off of Freecycle — but got way more than I anticipated from this sweet old man, just looking for another amateur photographer that would truly appreciate the […]

1956 Astronomy


137 // March 04, 2008 Came across this in my parent’s basement when I was in Chicago, found it both amusing and very interesting. The illustrations inside are very basic line drawings and I haven’t fully read (or at least skimmed) through the text. Lots of character and I didn’t want it to end up […]



125 // February 21, 2008 A collaborate design book I participated in came via FedEx today! This is a limited edition, handmade book that only enough are made for the participants involved. The theme was “Alphabet” and you can see from the pictures that the packaging to the decorative elements were all related to this […]

116 // February 12, 2008 Miniature corked bottles hold sand and shells — a wedding favor from California.

Isolation Ale


080 // January 07, 2008 Black and white still photo of the Isolation Ale box in the kitchen. Now I just need someone to tell me where that beer went…



049 // December 04, 2007 So many choices…

045 // November 30, 2007 Stack of the Corona variety at the liquor store, and all I can think about is the beach and limes.